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Tips for a Home Office Redo

In order to perform any task with maximum productivity, one needs to be in the right headspace. The factors which contribute to this include the people around you, the general atmosphere in the near vicinity, as well as your direct surroundings. From sounds to the colors around you, everything may impact your workflow.

A home office is a working space which you can fully customize according to your needs and preferences. This is a huge advantage, especially if you spend a lot of time working from home. Creating an office-like environment at home can really change how you function throughout your day, since it can get quite difficult working from the comfort of your bedroom or living room. In order to create a professionally stimulating environment, you must focus on making your home office the best it can be. One thing which could help you achieve that is using smart home products.

The following are some tips that may help you redo your home office to maximize productivity.

The perfect color palette

The colors in any room contribute significantly to how you function in that space. Color psychology shows that you behave differently depending on the colors around you, which means that in a home office, you must choose one that will keep you active and productive throughout the day. The colors cannot be too dull or too bright. Your aim is to avoid lethargy and boredom, without making the colors too distracting. Try to go for more neutral tones, since they are pleasing to the eye and may help you focus better.


Comfort should always be a priority in a room where you plan on spending the better part of your day. The furniture should be comfortable enough that you can spend hours in the room, but not so comfortable that you begin to slack off. A couch should suffice, but adding pillows may not be a good idea. Try to minimize the furniture, and do not go overboard. A home office which is too crowded can also result in an environment where you do not want to work. It is best to stick to the basics and only have what you need in the room.

Working space

You will most likely be using a desk to work, whether the work is manual or computerized. Make sure that this desk is well-organized and clear it up every once in a while. A messy work area can be quite distracting, and may keep you from working at times. An organized space will allow you to focus on your work rather than the disorder. The workspace should also have good lighting. For this, you can either face towards a window or add a lamp with a dimmer, so you can adjust the brightness according to your need. A good workspace is essential to maximize productivity.

Smart lighting

Lighting plays a big role in defining the character of any home. Through lighting, you can change the mood and feel of any room with ease. For a home office, you will most likely want a look which provides both aesthetic and functionality. The room should be bright rather than ambient. You should be able to clearly see everything, so as to avoid any extra strain on your eyes. Certain types of lighting are meant to calm you down and make you sleepy – this should be avoided. Know where to install your lights, and keep all other things in the home office into consideration before positioning your lights.


A lot of people tend to enjoy working in isolated atmospheres, with virtually no interference from the outside. While this may make you more productive, it becomes difficult to work this way for an extended period of time. Make sure to have at least one window in your home office, through which you can let in both sunlight and fresh air. This can be very refreshing for someone who has to sit for hours in one spot and work continuously. It can help give your mind a break from the constant work, resulting in better productivity.

Customized décor

Lastly, your aim with your home office is not to make it boring. You can always add elements that will motivate you to work better, such as little pieces of décor and a touch of a bright color. You can keep little trinkets that you like, or just put educational pieces on the walls to help inspire you or help you study a certain topic. This can be very helpful, since a boring home office may make you want to leave the room altogether. Keeping snacks inside or playing an occasional game may also prove to be helpful.


Redoing any part of your home can become quite a fun project, provided you invest in the right things. Need-based replacements should always be a priority, followed by improving the aesthetics. Making these changes to a home office can significantly impact your work day, since a professional environment plays a huge role in how much work you can get done.

Your mind may be conditioned to see your home as a place to relax, but creating the perfect home office will ensure that you can focus perfectly even when you are not physically in an office. The previously mentioned tips will help you achieve this feel from your home, so you can fully utilize every single day.

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