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Positivity prevails! How to deal properly with negative online reviews

Your business has taken all steps to adapt to modern times. It has been equipped with social media profiles, email marketing campaigns – all digital marketing bells and whistles.

But it turns out, there is one thing that you are not prepared when it is committed in the internet age.

What’s that? Negative online reviews.

This dreaded comments on social media profiles and pages Yelp can be a nasty shock and a bit of an emotional punch. But how can you deal with it properly so bad reviews left by the occasional unhappy customer can be more than a bad start for the day?

For our top 6 tips to stay positive in the face of negative online reviews, keep reading!

1. Remember, you can not please everyone
When it comes to dealing with negative reviews from customers, it is absolutely necessary that you are aware that there has never been a business or organization that has not been getting bad reviews. You can take the negative words it personally but you are far from the first to do so.

With more than 7.6 billion people on earth, there must be people who have a bad day. Is bound to be other people who have unrealistic expectations, and everyone else that catches your employees on holidays.

Not realistically expected to please everyone every day. One bad review does not mean the end of your business – it means that a person feels they have something to say. Read and accept the feedback, and then continue!

2. Know that bad reviews do not always indicate the quality of your
Remember that customers Moody that we mentioned? People who had a terrible day in which everything continues to go wrong, then your web site is slow to load or order them takes a little long to be filled and it just pushed them over the edge?

Those bad days do not necessarily indicate the quality of your overall business. So, do not think of it!

Chances are, for any negative reviews you get, there are two or three or ten great to match. You may have hordes of customers coming through the door or inbox you feel completely satisfied with their experience.

They may not be brought to Yelp to talk about it.

Just because you have received or two bad reviews does not mean your business is doing something fundamentally wrong. Negative feedback is rarely, if ever, shows the overall quality of your business!

3. Understand that bad review can build credibility
Have you ever find yourself scrolling through a list of reviews for the business and find yourself skeptical with the reviews?

They are all 5 stars! Can they be real? Is this business paid for fake reviews ?!

Occasional bad reviews can actually help your business credibility and confidence of good reviews. It shows that your business does not have anything to hide.

If there is one bad review for every 10 that glow, it will be easy for your customers to ignore the negative comments left by one client bitter.

A study conducted by Harvard University actually shows that 95% of customers are more likely to believe in and trust business got a mix of good and negative reviews. Your clients know that nothing is perfect; They appreciate the willingness of businesses to recognize this fact about themselves.

4. Remember that every bad review is a chance to grow
Okay, we’ll admit: some bad reviews are just … bad.

Some customers like to complain for the sake of complaining. However, in the case of many negative reviews, there is something to be taken and implemented to improve your company and its services.

Try to regulate emotions while reading the bad reviews. If you need help in this department, look at this useful site.

Look at them objectively and ask yourself if there is anything that can your company do to prevent negative experiences in the future. Ask yourself how your team can apply negative feedback to improve the overall process.

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