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Passive Income Tips: How to Get Paid to Advertise on a Car

What could be better than getting money doing nothing? Today, this dream is feasible: you only need a car. The Indy Auto Man team explains why it is beneficial for motorists and advertisers in Indianapolis.

The car as an advertising platform

Residents of metropolises like Indianapolis are already so accustomed to a large abundance of advertising that they have immunity. Their eyes ignore signboards, and many do not pay attention to billboards at all. So, advertisers have to elaborate new strategies to translate commercials more efficiently.

Placing various elements on the car is one of the most unobtrusive ways to get through to the target audience. Usually, these are stickers, but there may also be illuminated signs on the roof. This type of advertising is beneficial to everyone.

For car owners, this is one of the ways to make passive income, which can partially offset fuel costs. In addition, some advertising agencies offer additional bonuses, for example, a free car wash. In addition, stickers will additionally protect the paintwork from minor scratches.

For advertisers, this is an effective way to spread the word. According to OAAA, vehicle wrap advertising can produce from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day.

For a potential audience, car wraps are not as annoying as advertisements on television. They are often aesthetically pleasing and catch the eye.

How much a driver can earn

For most car enthusiasts, one of the main questions is how much they pay for wrapping. However, only an agency representative can answer this question as accurately as possible. But the earnings will depend on the following criteria:

Vehicle. One of the most decisive factors. Almost all the nuances are vital: year of manufacture, make and model, condition, etc. The cooler and newer the car, the higher the fee a driver can request. It is not forbidden to demand an additional payment for the existing exterior tuning or if the car is retro – unusual vehicles attract more attention.

Advertising space. The larger it is, the more it attracts attention. And the potential client will be able to see more details. Therefore, the fee will be higher. So if considering buying a vehicle with placing ads on it in mind, it is better to choose a full-size van or pickup truck.

Location. Advertisers want as many people as possible to get information about a product or service. Therefore, the cost of car wraps in Indianapolis will be high. But a driver from a remote small town is of no interest to them.

Mileage. What’s the point of advertising on a vehicle if it sits in the yard six or seven days a week, or worse, in a garage? It is important for the agency that the car moves. The more, the better. And it is also desirable that it moves around the city center – traffic is higher there.

Placement. The location of the advertisement also matters. The rear window and sides are of particular honor. The motorists in traffic will see the ad on a back windshield. Someone can even immediately take a picture of the product of interest on the phone. Advertising on boards is aimed at pedestrians.

Car wrapping risks

In car wrapping, like in any other business, large agencies in big cities like Indianapolis value their reputation, so all transactions are as transparent as possible: the risk of unpleasant surprises is minimal. But small one-day organizations can bring trouble or even appear to be a scam.

The most innocuous thing is a large commission, due to which the car owner will receive mere pennies.

Another thing is an incomprehensibly drafted contract which can hide fines for, for example, dust on a wrapping, insufficient mileage in the city center, or some other trifle.

Another trick of unscrupulous organizations is a special adhesive for stickers. The essence of the scum is simple: they conclude a fixed-term contract. After its expiration, the motorist tries to remove the sticker and fails. The sticker comes off literally by inches, leaving an almost indelible adhesive. The car enthusiast is forced to continue driving with a sticker, and the agency receives money.

Advertising on the car will be a great way to earn extra money for any car owner. But at the same time, it is crucial to remember precautions and choose only bona fide companies for passive income to be sufficient and not bring disappointment.

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