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Hemp For Change

In this article I am presenting to you the FACTS about Cannabis/Hemp, and why you genuinely need to be aware of this plant and it’s employments.

Research was done move in 1974 by the Virginia Medical College situated in Richmond Virginia. The exploration was done on Tumors of the Lung, Brain, Liver and Kidneys. This study was done on Rats and Mice and what they found was astonishing! When treated with Cannabis the Cancer quit developing and as a rule it turned around 100 percent! A portion of the mice that were given the disease and treated with the Cannabis really lived longer than a portion of the mice that were not given the Cannabis.

Do you get everything that I am attempting to say to you here?

I’m saying after that astonishing review their examination had been closed down. They needed to stop and not on the grounds that they were doing anything Illegal it was all since they viewed that as “Marijuana” is the method for treating “Disease “of the Brain, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, and ETC.

I’m letting you know this since you really want to know the real factors, The realities that individuals are not telling you.

Do you see and find out about all the physician recommended drug use as well as every one of the dreadful aftereffects. Truly listen some of the time for instance assuming you have a Migraine take this little pill yet you might encounter running consuming eyes,sudden jerking and may experience the ill effects of a stroke or perhaps kick the bucket yet your Migraine will be gone.Now on top of all that you need to return to your PCP for one more remedy to prevent the queasiness from the pill you are on as of now. It is only an endless flow of monstrous cycles.

How treats sound good to me is we are permitted to stroll around with” Xanax “and “Vicodin” in our satchels or any place they would be and pop them unreservedly and not in any event, contemplating how it is treating our kidneys and liver as well as our entire system,So my point is that is lawful and to stroll around with Cannabis the plant that has developed from our own Earth and that I may add a plant that not hurts is ILLEGAL!

You want to teach and observe reality that you really want to see my perspective and you won’t observe reality broadcasting from your nearby News or every day paper actually no good thing comes from that except for a ton of miserable news and dramatization. At the point when I observed reality I was irate and extremely steamed on the grounds that a couple of years prior I watched my own dad gradually pass on from disease of the Lung,Liver and as well as the mind, He gradually wilted away to nothing and there was not something damn I could do about it!

So you see my point is in the event that I was aware of all of this data back, I could of aided, Then again I think perhaps it could of been one of those intended to occur for an explanation bargains since it carried me to where I am today accomplishing increasingly more examination and instructing more individuals ordinary. I present to you this data with my entire substance.

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