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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a tricky term, and many scientists argued a lot about what AI is and what not till they agreed to count AI as the capabilities of the machine to study and make conclusions.

Today AI is a great technology that tries to simulate our brainwork. Smart machines can reproduce thinking processes due to the capability of their accurate description via language, images, information, and other sources. So, if a program does conclusions a person can do, it may be determined as artificial intelligence.

AI Pros and Cons

An introduction of ML development to the business has its pros and cons. The usage of artificial intelligence is massive. Nevertheless, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Let’s try to observe some of them.

  • The best benefit of artificial intelligence is that people get when they save their life and health, staying in a safe place, instead of going to dangerous areas. There is no risk for humans if robots with AI do the risky job. For example, robots can work in open space; they do not need any oxygen. They are not sensitive to radiation for that reason and are number one after nuclear power plant emergencies. Their usage is extensive.
  • Artificial intelligence helps us to reduce human mistakes. We all know the phrase “human factor.” People can be tired, bored, or distracted. That is why they make mistakes, even unknowingly. The decision made by programs is based on information previously gathered. It reduces errors enormously. In this case, we may forecast the weather more precisely, for example.
  • Machines with artificial intelligence do not need time to sleep and rest. They are available day and night. Such vehicles are always at your disposal. By comparison, people have working hours, coffee breaks, weekends, and vacations. Humans may be bored or get ill or tired even when they are in their working spaces.
  • Many activities in our life are repetitive: sending emails, browsing documents for mistakes, calculating something. For these purposes, automation is the best choice. When a person has to verify a bunch of similar written materials, it may be boring and lead to mistakes. In that case, AI satisfies more than one point from the list of advantages.
  • Some websites use digital assistants nowadays. They interact with users. The employer does not need such a capacity for human resources. Digital assistants may provide things that clients want. They are good at chatting. Sometimes it is hard to find out whether you text a living person or AI because chatbots are designed in such a good and natural way. It is more satisfying and leads to purchase increase, for instance. Many organizations have previously implemented voice bots or chatbots into their websites and mobile applications. AI helps customers with their queries and doubts.
  • We do not remember the times when we had to use paper maps to find a location we needed to go to. Nowadays, various mobile applications are at our disposal. They show us accurate addresses, best routes, lengths, and even approximate time when we get to this or that place. It is our daily routine. AI helps us to make phone calls, send emails, order food, etc.
  • People can’t think as fast as artificial intelligence. They need time to make a decision. Moreover, AI can not only decide but act as rapidly as possible according to algorithms programmed beforehand. A person analyzes many factors before decision making, and it is not only facts but emotive part to be considered. A machine has no feelings. And in some cases, it is a huge advantage. The most obvious example is playing chess with artificial intelligence. A self-studying algorithm became better in chess. So, now, it is almost impossible to win for a human being.
  • Artificial intelligence is a trigger for new inventions. The question of “can AI be an inventor itself?” is still debatable. However, there is no doubt that it helps people to improve their lives. For instance, due to AI-based technology, doctors can predict women’s breast cancer earlier. In the future, AI may solve many problems of humanity.
  • It would be unfair to be silent about some downsides and concerns regarding artificial intelligence.
  • The cost of creating AI is high. Artificial intelligence is a complex system of software and hardware. And it is not enough just to make a machine. It needs to be maintained and upgraded. The technology goes out of date on a day-to-day basis. The progress goes ahead. And artificial intelligence must be in agreement with modern challenges. For all these procedures, a significant amount of money is needed.
  • People get addicted to inventions connected with AI. They can relax and think less. It is very convenient but may lead to the degradation of human mental activities. The adaptation of future generations to basic life patterns may become a problem.
  • Robots replace people in their working places. AI can do many routines and demanding tasks. Machines need no time for a rest. That was mentioned in the advantages above. That is why artificial intelligence causes unemployment. In most cases, robots do a better job for routine tasks than people.
  • Machines have no emotions. That is a drawback when there is a need for partnership and human involvement, as in teamwork. The work of creating feelings for AI is a big dream of humanity. But today, it can only mimic emotions, such as empathy. So, a person cannot be replaced in this area.

To sammarize

If to sammarize everything written there, we may conclude that artificial intelligence has more advantages than disadvantages. Some people may be concerned robots may enslave our civilization or destroy it in the future, so we need to work on the ethical aspect of AI development. Only humanity is responsible for possible outcomes of using AI. It helps people now and may ease our life for decades ahead.

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