Visiting the Tampa area & love the outdoors? Visit Fort De Soto Park…

If you ever find yourself visiting the Clearwater, St. Petersburg or overall Tampa Bay area Florida, and love the outdoors, be sure to visit Fort De Soto Park.

It is a park operated by Pinellas County and is comprised of five islands or offshore keys: Bonne Fortune Key, Mullet Key, St. Christopher Key, St. Jean Key and Madelaine Key.

It was established on December 21, 1962 and was named as North America’s best beach in 2005 and has received many under awards over the years.

If you are a history buff, the islands were actually used as military fortifications and there still exists the military base that has been converted into a museum.there are numerous biking trails, hiking trails, kayak trails as well as great beaches, picnic areas and piers to do some great fishing from.

If you love to camp, the campground is beautiful and extremely well-maintained for either tent campers or RV campers.  There are numerous concession stands providing food, bait and tackle depending on what interests you.

It is extremely popular destination for all of those people who live in Florida and for many passing through.   You have the opportunity to rent kayaks, can use or other boats to explore the island city and all of the lagoons.

The actual park is made up of 1136 acres and  is home to many mangroves, hardwoods, wetlands and many different kinds of beach plants.   It was also named America’s top beach in 2009 by Trip Advisor and average is an animal Park attendance of more than 2.7 million visitors.

If you love to swim at the beach is, there are lifeguards on staff.    If you are the hiking type, the multipurpose trail is a 7 mile paved trail that connects to North Beach, East Beach the boat ramp and the camping area.  Fortunately, no motorized vehicles are allowed to be used on this trail making it a quiet and peaceful experience.

If you are visiting the Tampa Bay area, make sure to include Fort De Soto as one of your stops!!!

Check out this video for an online experience of Fort De Soto…

Visiting Newport, Rhode Island? Go visit The Breakers

The Northeast portion of United States has many amazing places to visit. Especially, the area south of Providence Rhode Island. If you are ever planning a trip to Providence, you definitely need to entertain a visit to Newport.  My friend Tom, who owns a childcare business in Albany had visiting here a couple years back and highly recommended it to us…

Newport is right on the Atlantic Ocean and has amazing views of some of the most amazing houses in the country they are steeped which in history and culture.

One such place that we have had the privilege of visiting years ago was The Breakers  This is a Vanderbilt mansion that was built in 1892.  After fire and some other damage it has stood test of time.

It was added as a national historic landmark in 1994 and is currently owned and managed by the Preservation Society of Newport County.

It was actually built  as a summer home for Cornelius Vanderbilt II.   It is actually funny to say that because it is a 70 room mansion with over 62,000 ft.² of living space broken up over five floors. The house is self covers about an acre of ground and is literally on the cliffs over the Atlantic Ocean.  A friend who runs a business offering bridal hair and makeup services in Albany has spoken highly of this experience & has gone a few times with her husband, raving each time!

It is an architectural and social archetype of the “gilded age” period of our history when many industrialists of the United States built large homes.  Today, it is one of the top attractions in Rhode Island getting almost 400,000 visitors anyway.

If you are visiting the area this is a definite must stop for you and your friends or family. Plan to spend many hours on the tour because there is much to see and experience. You can even walk along the trail to view many of the other homes built during the Industrial Age.  My friend, Chuck and Melissa, who are electricians in Albany NY, have mentioned visiting here in the past.  Definitely a place worthy of checking out for sure!!!

If you are a history buff, you’ll get an amazing education for all the information available about the history of this amazing place.  This is a truly beautiful place, one we definitely plan to go back to and visit again in the near future!

Ausable Chasm, the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks

If you are visiting Upstate New York, then you might want to consider driving just about two hours north of Albany & visit Ausable Chasm.  This is an

amazing place to explore with friends and family.  It is well known as the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks.

You have your choice of hiking, climbing or even floating down river on a large 6-8 person raft.  It is one of the oldest attractions in all of the United States, dating back to 1870!!!  Per the Ausable Chasm website, you will visit “Rainbow Falls, Elephant’s Head, Column Rock, Hyde’s Cave and the eerie quiet of Mystic Gorge.”

What is cool is you will descend literally a football field of height as you walk along the natural stone paths and look at how the water has cut through the rocks, much like the Grand Canyon.  Most people will choose to hike the upper chasm and then take the raft ride down the lower chasm on the Ausable River. In Spring, the waters are absolutely raging with all the winter runoff.  In the summer, the water still stays cool enough where you can escape the heat.

Ausable Chasm is located 20 minutes south of Plattsburgh, NY, which was home to a former air force based, also, about two hours south of Montreal.  If you are heading north, plan for about a two hour drive from Albany up the Northway, rated one of the most scenic highways back in 1967.

There is much rich history and sights to see.  Definitely a place worthy of putting on your bucket list if you reside in the Northeast or if you are a major traveler.

Favorite hangout places in Tahiti

When you are thinking about a great holiday destination, then Tahiti might come to mind. Those that has visited Tahiti before knows that this is a destination where you can do many different things and where you can visit many different places. But, if you weren’t in Tahiti before, then you might not know where to start looking. Here are some of the best and most favorite tourist places to visit in Tahiti:

Fautaua Waterfall

Because the Fautaua waterfall is hidden, there aren’t many tourists that are aware about this waterfall situated in Tahiti. This is a great place to visit, to have to swim or even to have a romantic picnic.

Tour groups are normally arranging a tour to this waterfall, but you can always go on your own. You should just ask any local to show you where this waterfall is. And during raining season, you might even experience a much more beautiful waterfall with some great nature scenes.  

Papenoo Beach

Tahiti has many different beaches, and it is important to know which one is the most popular destination and attraction for tourists. However, this is also important to make sure that you are visiting one of the most beautiful beaches in Tahiti.

The Papenoo beach is the one beach that you should be going to, if you want to see one of the best places in Tahiti where most tourists are hanging out. But, you don’t need to worry, there aren’t as many people that you will not have a relaxed day at the beach.

Vaipahi Gardens

The Vaipahi Gardens is another tourist attraction where you can have a great time, enjoying the scenery of Tahiti. Those that are going to this garden are enjoying all the local plants and flowers that are blooming and that are really giving a large variety of colors.   If you love the outdoors and all of the beauty of what gardens can offer, this spot is a must-check out !!!

This is also one of the most popular places where proposals are taking place and where romantic picnics spots are.


This might not be a place in Tahiti that you can visit, but this is the most popular sport that you can do in Tahiti. Everyone that can surf is going to Tahiti for this reason. The waves are just perfect for the best surfing experience. Tahiti is known as the one destination that every surfer should visit at least once in their lives.

Tahiti. A beach holiday destination where many people are going. And, there is a great reason for it. This destination is offering some great places to visit, and some great things to do. You even might find yourself finding a surprise like the Fautaua Waterfall that you didn’t know existed. This is the one destination that you should go to, if you want to have an experience of a lifetime with a full schedule of seeing some great scenery and having some fun riding the waves.